Like father, like son. Apparently, Fox Factory runs in the family. It was a pleasure to help out a local hero of the scene in getting his new bike sorted. After a few years on a plastic fantastic bike, John decided that he wanted to return to some real British aluminum. The boys up in Halifax know how to build a ripper of a bike, and John knows how to spec one. Orange’s latest Alpine 6 frame climbs well, descends better and is a lot lighter than you’ve come to expect. Fox put their best foot forward with the 36 Factory GRIP2, providing all the dials you could ever want to fiddle with and no friction to be found. The DHx2 makes a perfect match, with an equal number of dials and an equal lack of friction, especially in this coil version. Hope provide the brakes, with the Tech 3 E4 offering all the stopping power and modulation that you could wish for, and they last forever to boot.